Diversify Your Portfolio with Wealth99’s Alternative Assets!

• Wealth99 is a company offering alternative investment options like tokenized precious metals and cryptocurrencies.
• It has an experienced management team and its own in-platform tokenized assets exchange.
• It operates only in Australia and the UK, so investors in other countries have to look elsewhere.

Wealth99: Rated And Reviewed

What is Wealth99?

Wealth99 is a company that offers people alternative assets – that is, assets outside the traditional investment options like shares and bonds. This includes tokenized precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) and a range of the highest market cap cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Eth, Cardano etc). They are also expecting to offer more options such as tokenized carbon credits and tokenized commercial property in the near future.

Pros of Investing Through Wealth99

• It’s a simple way to diversify an investment portfolio with alternative assets.
• It’s an opportunity to get in early on the upcoming tokenized assets boom.
• Offers a low-cost way to invest in gold, silver, and platinum via Wealth99 Precious Metals Tokens.
• Has its own ‘in platform’ tokenized assets exchange.

Cons of Investing Through Wealth99

Currently there is still only a limited range of tokenized investment options available but this is expected to change soon. Also they currently operate only in Australia and the UK so investors from other countries have to look elsewhere for their investments through blockchain-based asset.

Management Team Rating

High – Since being established back in 2017 Wealth99 has focused on building its processes and executive team which now consists of around 50 members who are all experienced professionals with real-world business experience rather than developers with no real-world business experience which can be common among companies operating within the blockchain space