Fed, J.P. Morgan, Ethereum Allegedly Conspire Against XRP

• Linda Jones, an author and influential voice in the XRP community, has claimed that the US Federal Reserve, banking giant J.P. Morgan, and Ethereum conspired against XRP.
• It is alleged that these tech giants aimed to undermine Ripple’s position in the crypto landscape by initiating ‚Project North Star‘.
• This alleged strategy sought to establish a “safe harbor” that would favor their asset over XRP by positioning it as adequately decentralized while labeling XRP as a centralized entity.

Explosive Allegations from Linda Jones

In an explosive series of recent revelations, Linda Jones, a best-selling author and influential voice within the XRP community, has put forth claims that have sent shockwaves through the world of cryptocurrencies. Jones alleges that the United States Federal Reserve, banking giant J.P. Morgan, and Ethereum conspired against XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency.

A Confluence of Tech Giants and Government Institutions

According to Jones, bigwigs from the crypto sphere such as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and individuals tied to Tron were actually emissaries from the Federal Reserve and China when they appeared at Ripple’s headquarters as interns or employees. Matt Hamilton, a former director at Ripple also suggested that Buterin once sought an internship at Ripple.

„Project North Star“ – The Threat of Ripple’s Technology?

Jones‘ allegations go deep into the inner workings of power where she asserts that Federal Reserve banks saw potential in Ripple’s technology creating a fair playing field taking away their power; thus they initiated „Project North Star“, a strategy to construct a crypto ecosystem which was intended to create a “safe harbor” favoring their asset over XRP by labeling it adequately decentralized while characterizing XRP as centralized entity.

The Ethereum-JPMorgan Nexus?

Adding another layer to her claims is Jones connecting dots between Ethereum China Prometheum & JPMorgan noting how this nexus apparently created obstacles for Ripple & its progress in crypto landscape especially when news surfaced about bankers advising clients not to invest in digital assets like XRP citing them as highly risky investments with no intrinsic value other than speculative trading activity .


The web of intrigue surrounding these explosive allegations continues to grow larger with each passing day; however it remains uncertain if there is any truth behind these claims since none of those involved have released any official statement on the matter yet but what does remain certain is that this isn’t going away any time soon; so stay tuned!