SEC Slammed: Broken System Leaves Syndicated Loans in Limbo


  • John Deaton, a prominent figure behind Crypto Law, has been vocal in his criticism of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Attorney John Deaton slams SEC for unclear stance on syndicated loans as securities.
  • Deaton calls SEC a „broken institution,“ criticizing lack of guidance.

Background Information

Attorney John Deaton, the prominent figure behind Crypto Law, has been consistently vocal in his criticism of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a pro-XRP lawyer, Deaton has raised concerns about the SEC’s failure to establish a transparent regulatory framework, particularly in its handling of the XRP case.

Syndicated Loans Defined

Syndicated loans, also known as syndicated bank facilities, are a form of financing where a group of lenders, called a syndicate, collaboratively provides funds to a single borrower. Such loans may involve a predetermined sum of money, a line of credit or both.

SEC Criticized by John Deaton

In light of this issue surrounding syndicated loans being categorized as securities or not , Attorney John Deaton expressed his discontent with the SEC via twitter for their inability to provide an opinion on this matter. He referred to them as “a broken institution” due to their lack of clarity which confuses market participants and hinders decision-making processes for appellate courts. Furthermore , he warned that such vagueness can potentially allow them to prosecute anyone or anything in future cases.


John Deaton continues to be critical towards the SEC for their lack of guidance on important matters such as defining if syndicated loans are securities or not. He believes that by not providing clarity , they are creating an environment where there is potential for abuse and misunderstanding when it comes down to making key decisions in terms of regulation .